Explore Nusa Penida Island

Just 30 minutes cross from Sanur Harbor to Nusa Penida
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Welcome to Nusa Penida

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Brief History of Nusa Penida

Nusa means “island” and Penida means “priests” in Balinese. Translated it means the island of priests and it isn’t necessary to refer to the island as “Nusa Penida Island” – it would just be redundant!



One-way Boat Ticket

Adult from IDR 150,000 | 250,000
Child 5-11y IDR 150,000 | 230,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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Return Boat Ticket

Adult from IDR 350,000 | 500,000
Child 5-11y IDR 320,000 | 400,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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West Penida Adventure

Adult from IDR 550,000 | 850,000
Child 5-11y IDR 500,000 | 800,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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East Penida Adventure 

Adult from IDR 650,000 | 900,000
Child 5-11y IDR 600,000 | 800,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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Penida Snorkeling Tours

Adult from IDR 700,000 | 950,000
* For children is not available
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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Penida Special Package

Adult from IDR 750,000 | 980,000
Child 5-11y IDR 700,000 | 920,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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Semabu Hill Fast Boat

Departs daily from Sanur Harbor.
Brand new boat to cross to Nusa Penida Island.
This is the biggest and the fastest boat in Sanur. Cruise with professional teams and equipped with the latest international standard navigation fast boat.

The capacity of 110 Seat passengers.
3 Unit life rafts. 1 Unit first aid box.
5 Yamaha 250 PK ( Boat machine ).

Semabu Hill Fast Boat here to help make it easier for you to end up on the island of Penida, getting wet, due our port has a jetty to the boat and is only 45 minutes cross to Penida Island Fastest and Comfortable.

Fast Boat Time Schedule

FROM  TO DepartureArrival Time 
Sanur N-Penida 7.00 am 7.30  am
  Sanur N-Penida7.30 am 8.00 am 
Sanur   N-Penida8.30 am 9.00 am 
Sanur  N-Penida 1.00 pm 1.30 pm 
 SanurN-Penida 3.00 pm 3.30 pm 
 Nusa Penida Sanur 8.00 am8.30 am 
Nusa Penida  Sanur1.30 pm2.00 pm 
Nusa Penida Sanur 3.00 pm3.30 pm 
Nusa Penida  Sanur4.00 pm4.30 pm 
Susa Penida Sanur 4.30 pm 5.00 pm 
* The schedule can be changed due to weather circumstances.
* The operational boat can be replaced to another other boat company without prior notice.