Map of Nusa Penida

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Which Nusa Penida Tour should I go with?

If you have decided to go with a Nusa Penida tour, I recommend booking the following tour packages!
Then you don’t need to think about anything since we take care of everything from hotel pick up and transfer you back to your Bali "main-land" Hotel.

  • West Nusa Penida Private Car Day Tour. (most popular) – This is the Nusa Penida tour you should book on your first time to Nusa Penida.
    It will take you to most of the spots such as Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Crystal Bay.
    * You can add snorkeling as an optional activity at an additional cost.
  • East Nusa Penida Private Car Day Tour.  (2nd popular)This tour package is also popular where you will be taken to the East part of the island.
    Visit the most beautiful beaches such as Utuh beach, Diamond beach, Giri Putri Cave temple & The Treehouses beach.
  • Nusa Penida Snorkeling Trip. – If snorkeling is more your thing, Nusa Penida does house some of the best reefs and clearest water in Bali. 
    You can do the snorkeling on 3-4 best beaches just in one day if you want to: in Crystal Bay, Giant Trevally, Manta Bay & Wall Point
  • Nusa Penida Special Instagramable Package. – If taking great pics is one of your main goals, you can book this trip.
  • Fast Boat Tickets - If you have your own transport arrangement in Nusa Penida, you only need to book your Fast boat tickets here.
  • 2D1N all-inclusive Nusa Penida Tour. For those who want to see the entire best places in the west and east part, it means you need to stay overnight.
    If you’ve decided you want to stay overnight in Nusa Penida, you can book this tour package which includes everything: Air-conditioned 1 double-bed room accommodation, 1x breakfast, 2x full day tours on a private air-conditioned car, English-speaking tour driver as a guide, and the boat transfers from Sanur harbor - Nusa Penida - Sanur. 

Brief History of Nusa Penida

Nusa means “island” and Penida means “priests” in Balinese. Translated it means the island of priests and it isn’t necessary to refer to the island as “Nusa Penida Island” – it would just be redundant!

The island is known to local Balinese as the black magic island. Long before it became a tourist attraction for its natural beauty, Nusa Penida was once believed by locals to be inhabited by dark spirits, banished to the island by the priests of Bali. However, even with such negative connotations, Nusa Penida remains an important religious destination. This is because Bali’s spiritual belief dictates balance in the universe, in which both good and evil are necessary.

Nowadays, Nusa Penida is known mostly for Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Broken Beach, but you can still visit temples where the dark spirit is worshipped – and kept at bay. I will elaborate more on that below.

What to bring to Nusa Penida

  • All the things you need to combat that strong sun in Bali – A hat, sunscreen (at least SPF50!), and Sunglasses. If you are biking, wear a thin layer with sleeves that can be removed.
  • A thin cotton scarf/sarong wrap – I love this because they are versatile! you can wear it around your neck and shoulder to protect yourself from the sun, but can also double up as something to sit on while you are at the beach.
  • Sufficient Cash – there are hardly any ATMs or places that take credit cards here, so you need enough to last the entire time you’re on the island.
  • Bathing Suit – once you see how clear the water is in this part of the world, you’d want to jump in. Trust me.
  • Suitable Footwear – You need good walking shoes for the treks, but you’d probably want to wear flip-flops while at the beach. So bring both if you can!
  • 4G Local SIM Card – If you don’t already have one, it’s always a good idea to have a 4G SIM Card while in Bali. Coverage was pretty good in Nusa Penida too! Although it got a bit spotty as you go inland, I was still able to navigate using Google Maps and the local data. Order a 4G SIM Card online here and pick it up in Bali.

What to do in Nusa Penida

Once you are on the island, it’s time to explore! I recommend heading straight to Kelingking Beach since that’s the most famous spot and it’s easier to work your way back later.

Here is a list of things to see in Nusa Penida:

1. Kelingking Beach

After getting our bike, we immediately drove down to the southwest part of the island to find Kelingking Beach, a crowd’s favorite. From the harbor, it takes about an hour by bike to get to this beach thanks to the partially broken road.

Kelingking Beach is relatively new, only “discovered” in 2003 by a few tourist divers who reached the beach by boat. Nowadays, Kelingking Beach is probably the most Instagrammed spot on Nusa Penida… and I’m sure you can see why from this photo.

A little trivia – Kelingking means “pinky” in Indonesian, as in your little finger! I’m not sure why it’s called that, because it looks more like a T-rex to me.

That secluded azure beach at the bottom? You can descend to it provided you ignore the warning sign at the start of the path, which tells you not to go to the beach as the path is very broken and they will not be held liable in case of an accident. So yes, you can go down to the beach, but the path will be very narrow, half broken, and extremely steep on some parts. My boyfriend and I decided to go down anyway, both in sandals, because we’re crazy like that.

Well… it turns out lots of people are also crazy like us, but most of them stop at the halfway point before going back up after taking the famous Kelingking Beach photo, like this one I took below.

Not many people made it down to the beach itself, probably because you can already see how dangerous the path gets. You only have these thin railing made of tree branches to hold on to, and as you get lower, the path gets steeper and steeper with more sharp rocks.

After about an hour of sitting around the beach, we left. The climb back up was very difficult for me. If you go back up at noon, the entire path gets full sun with barely any shade… and you know how harsh the sun gets in Bali. Thanks to the steepness of the climb and being battered by the hot direct sun, I nearly passed out on the way up. Also because of this, I got a headache that lasted the entire day. If it’s raining I wouldn’t even think about going down!

So in short, I’m not sure if I can recommend going down to the beach. Yes, it’s secluded and beautiful but I’ve also seen other similar beaches with more things to do. And that climb back up was not worth it.

We spent some time recovering at one of the warungs near the car park area, replenishing all that fluid we lost while climbing back up. We had a coconut and a large water bottle and still did not need to pee! That’s how dehydrated we were.  If you decide to book West Nusa Penida Tour? where Kelingkng beach is visited on it, you can do it right now! we have special rates offered.

2. Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a beautiful natural rock pool that opens straight to the ocean. A word of caution: please be VERY careful while visiting Angel’s Billabong and listen to local’s warnings if they tell you not to get inside. Even if you aren’t planning to get in the water, the wave can get massive here. There have been some fatal accidents where people got swept away and died, so don’t take this lightly!

* If you decide to book West Nusa Penida Tour? where Angle Billabong beach is visited during the tour, you can do it right now! we have special rates offered.

3. Broken Beach / Pasih Uwug

Broken Beach or Pasih Wug is also famous as the viewpoint for an arched tunnel in the cliffs, allowing the ocean to flow into a pool, which is Angel’s Billabong.

During the low tide sometimes tourists go swimming.

* If you decide to book West Nusa Penida Tour? where the Broken beach is visited during the tour, you can do it right now! we have special rates offered.

4. Amazing Snorkeling Spots for beginer

If snorkeling is the reason why you want to go to Nusa Penida, I highly suggest booking this Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tours, which will take you to all the great snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida.

After the treacherous hike up from Kelingking Beach, I told my boyfriend that I want to just take it easy and swim at the beach. We started looking at our options – Crystal Bay or Gamat Bay.

One of the dive spots at that time was called Crystal Bay and I remember having the best snorkeling of my life there during a surface interval.

5. Utuh Beach or Diamond Beach

This beach is situated in the East part, on the other side of the island from the harbor, so it takes a bit of effort to reach. It would have taken us 2 hours on the road one way, so we had to skip this time. But it looks amazing!

* If you decide to book Nusa Penida Tour with visiting Utuh/ Diamon Beach. you can do it right now. We have a lot of special offers
Click this link for booking

6. Crystal Bay

What makes Crystal Bay so special is that the corals are very healthy and they are just meters away from the beach. I saw various fish – unicorn fish, trumpet fish, rainbow fish, and a triggerfish which I quickly swam away from – just to name a few. There were also schools of small fishes among the colorful corals. It’s honestly as good as diving without the hassle of carrying heavy equipment!

* If you decide to book Snorkeling Day Tour Pack. you can do it right now.
We have a lot of special offers

7. The Tree House/ Rumah Pohon

This is a simple accommodation building.
Sometimes tourists can't make a good picture due to in house guest privacy reasons.

* If you decide to book Nusa Penida Tour with visiting The Rumah Pohon. you can do it right now. We have a lot of special offers
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-You can stay at Tree House for about $40-50 per night.
-Keep in mind this is very basic accommodation.
-So, don’t come expecting a five-star hotel!

Fast Boat Tickets to Nusa Penida

Adult from IDR 150,000 | 250,000
Child 5-11y IDR 150,000 | 230,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

Check Availability

West Penida Adventure

Adult from IDR 550,000 | 850,000
Child 5-11y IDR 500,000 | 800,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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East Penida Adventure

Adult from IDR 650,000 | 900,000
Child 5-11y IDR 600,000 | 800,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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Penida Special Package

Adult from IDR 750,000 | 980,000
Child 5-11y IDR 700,000 | 920,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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Penida Snorkeling Tours

Adult from IDR 700,000 | 950,000
* For children is not available
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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2Days/1 Night Package

Adult from IDR 1750,000 | 2000,000
Child 5-11y IDR 1500,000 | 1850,000
* Book Minimum 2 persons

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Semabu Hill Fast Boat

Departs daily from Sanur Harbor.
Brand new boat to cross to Nusa Penida Island.
This is the biggest and the fastest boat in Sanur. Cruise with professional teams and equipped with the latest international standard navigation fast boat.

The capacity of 110 Seat passengers.
3 Unit life rafts. 1 Unit first aid box.
5 Yamaha 250 PK ( Boat machine ).

Semabu Hill Fast Boat here to help make it easier for you to end up on the island of Penida, getting wet, due our port has a jetty to the boat and is only 45 minutes cross to Penida Island Fastest and Comfortable.


Fast Boat Time Schedule

FROM  TO DepartureArrival Time 
Sanur N-Penida 7.00 am 7.30  am
  Sanur N-Penida7.30 am 8.00 am 
Sanur   N-Penida8.30 am 9.00 am 
Sanur  N-Penida 1.00 pm 1.30 pm 
 SanurN-Penida 3.00 pm 3.30 pm 
 Nusa Penida Sanur 8.00 am8.30 am 
Nusa Penida  Sanur1.30 pm2.00 pm 
Nusa Penida Sanur 3.00 pm3.30 pm 
Nusa Penida  Sanur4.00 pm4.30 pm 
Susa Penida Sanur 4.30 pm 5.00 pm 
* The schedule can be changed due to weather circumstances.
* The operational boat can be replaced to another other boat company without prior notice.